UX, Future Fiction, E-Readers and Future of Storytelling. Python, Javascript.



The book of Frank is a future fiction and trans media adventure. The story takes place in the near future, as the hero begins to unravel sides of society he never thought existed.


To enhance the sense of adventure and discovery, the linear story grows as the reader comes across key artifacts. The resulting web of written text, video, and real and fake web destinations creates a rich world that includes science fiction and science fact, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

The Dossier Keeps track of all your found items and side stories.

The people, places, and things were chosen to explore a future rich with artificial intelligence, surveillance, and a rebellious and isolationist ‘free-from-it-all’ movement.

The outcome is a future fiction that uses the story to explore this scenario.

The Autonomous Biological Assistant
(a bunny with an extra brain in it's head)



Tools Used

Web Platform: Flask (Python)
Front End: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
3D Figure: Rhino 3D